Stomper easy come easy go

I tried to be a good vato to a hyna like you But you could neva keep the truth that's why I gave you the boot Now tell me why actin shallow when I was spittin my game Look into my eyes and told me lies now the shit ain't the same I showed respect and neva left you when the homies would call And when the hoodratz tryed to call disconnected them all But now your trippin on the things the haterz say about me They said I was'nt your time and I was tryin to creep So you started acting strange and playin you stupid ass games Said I wasn't worth your trouble and that I would neva change But I still gave you the keys to my heart and my soul But you would lie about the mutha fucken places you'd go And so I try to let you know how I was feeling about you I kept it true and neva tripped on the things you'd do. Stomper - Easy Come, Easy Go lyrics. Thank you for supporting our work..

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